Durex Orgasm Intense Condom - 10 pcs
Durex Orgasm Intense condoms have bumps and drinks that increase a woman’s pleasure, as well as a special mint-flavored Desirex gel that creates a warming, cooling or tingling sensation and makes it easier for a woman to have an orgasm. The condom has an Easy-On design that makes it easy to turn on and provides sensitivity exactly where it is needed. Transparent latex condom with tank.Durex has more than 80…
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Pasante Warming Condoms - 144 pcs
Warming condoms for hot sex! Does a condom feel a necessary evil? Try the Pasante Warming condom treated with a warming lubricant, which has a warming effect that increases sensitivity and stimulation. Condom drinks also give more pleasure to a woman. Straight shaped latex condom with tank.Features: Thickness: Normal (0,06mm) Pattern: DrinkTaste: NeutralColor: Transparent…
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Sico Ribbed Drinking condom - 50 pcs

High-quality, German-made Sico Ribbed drinking condoms increase the enjoyment of both and drinks also help the condom stay in place better. Drinked, straight and lubricated latex condom with tank. Store in a cool, dry place, protected from sunlight.

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Pasante Ribs & Dots

Pasante Ribs & Dots is a woman's pleasure enhancer bumps and drinks. In addition, the anatomical design of the condom also brings additional pleasure to the man. The condom is shaped from the root of the glans a little narrower, the drinks are at the buttocks and bumps on the lower stem. Diameter: 54 mm, length: 190 mm...

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Pasante Cooling Sensation Condoms - 144 pcs

Pasante Cooling Sensation condoms has been treated with a lubricant that gives a tingling cooling sensation. The condom is also a tanned, colorless, coolant-treated and tanned latex condom with a reservoir.

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Pasante Ribbed Condoms - 144 pcs

Pasante in Ribbed condoms is both enjoyable drinks. Thanks to the drinks, the condom also stays in place better during intercourse. Length: 190 mm, nominal width: 52 mm, thickness: 0,07 mm ...

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