Hold Me BedRoom Bed binding set

Frisky Hold Me BedRoom Bed binding set turn the bed into a playground or bondage stage from which not so much to set off. The nylon straps are first placed in an h-shape under the mattress and then the ends of the straps are turned over the mattress. The straps stay in place under the mattress, and no headboard, posts or legs are needed for attachment. The four straps starting from the adjustable center straps are up to about 120 cm long, so the bed set is also well suited for double beds. All straps are adjustable. The soft hand and wrist straps are equipped with a firm velcro velcro fastening and have a maximum circumference of 35 cm.

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Naughty Knickers Panties with Vibrator
"Naughty Knickers" Panties with Vibrator hide a nice surprise, as you can hide the included remote-controlled vibrator in the crotch of the panties. Made of high-quality silicone, the Vibrator is thin and ergonomically designed, so it sits comfortably and stays well in place. In addition, the vibrator can be bent to get it to hit just the right places…
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Bang Her G-Spot Finger vibrator
Surprise your partner with the Bang Her G-Spot Finger Vibrator and serve him a vibrating finger. Whether you arouse his clitoris or g-spot, this shy vibe does its job. Ergonomic design and surface-plated knobs provide teasing stimulation to the clitoris and g-spot. It is made of high-quality, soft silicone and through the flexible loops it is easy to…
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Midnight Fox Glass Anus Pin with Tail

Frisky Midnight Fox anus pin with a lovely fluffy tail. Decorate your butt or partner’s butt with a fluffy fox tail and spend animal role-playing games. The anus pin is made of glass, so it can also be cooled or heated before use.

  • Glass, faux fur
  • The length of the tail is 28 cm
  • The length of the pin is 12,7 cm, of which 10,7 cm can be inserted
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Finger Banger G-spot Finger glove
The vibrating Finger Banger G-spot glove takes the finger to a whole new level. The stimulatingly shaped glove can provide an arousing g-spot massage and at the same time the vibration of the vibrator at the palm provides pleasure to the clitoris. The waterproof and flexible glove holds two fingers.
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Frisky Rope Chain
This rope shackle is a great addition to your bedroom tying games. You can tie both wrists and ankles with a shackle. Tightening with plastic clamps.
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Stand and Deliver Sex Position Body Swing
Stand still while serving a wild ride! Use the swing so that you are facing each other or turn him around and have sex in a doggy style position. The swing has handles attached to a harness from which he gets a good grip.
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Ankle / Wrist Door Handles
These shackles allow you to make the door tying furniture and lock your partner’s wrists or ankles to the door. Slide the clips on the other side of the door at the top of the door and then close the door. The chains have a firm and adjustable Velcro fastening. Pack of 2 chains. Tip: Buy 2 packs to tie your partner in the X position.
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Bad Kitty Cat Tail Anus Pin With Tail

Frisky Bad Kitty Cat Tail anus pin with tail. At the bottom of the anus pin are two loops to which mini vibrators can be attached. Inside the tail is a watch.

  • Material: Silicone, faux fur
  • length: 70 cm
  • Pin length: 10 cm
  • Pin diameter: 3,5 cm
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