Dr. Rocco's Pleasure - Dauntless
Dr Rocco, the ambassador of the pleasure of Rocks Off Empire, presents a new and versatile Steanpunk-style Dauntless pleasure toy that offers massage for both the prostate and diaphragm and is also equipped with a testicular and penis ring. This is no longer an improvement in the butt toy as Dauntless is the same as all the goodies in one package. Dauntless stimulates the prostate, perineum, penis, testicles and…
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Butt Quiver Prostate Vibrator
Prostate vibrator with the world's best-selling RO-80mm bullet vibrator. Made of silky smooth, medical silicone prostate vibrator with a width of 4,4 cm at its widest, it offers a wonderfully filling feeling and stimulation for the prostate, especially when vibration is in progress. The tapered head makes insertion easy and the base extended.
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Bad Boy Prostate Stimulator
Why be good, when you can be bad? First came the hugely popular Rude-Boy and now it’s time for an improved Bad Boy. Its wider and more powerful design than its predecessor ensures strong stimulation spread throughout the lower end. Bad Boy offers a strong and long-lasting erection, not to mention more severe orgasms. Equipped with the world's best-selling RO-80mm bullet vibrator, 100% waterproof Spring…
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Big Boy Prostate Stimulator
When playing with Big Boy, bigger really means better. The waterproof Big Boy Prostate Stimulator is designed for gentlemen who like big toys. Thanks to its design, you can even sit or swing on it hands-free and at the same time allow the stimulator to stimulate the prostate and perineum. In addition to the round and thick head that stimulates the prostate, the Big Boy has two wider arms…
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Vibrating Reach Around Prostate Stimulator

Curved and heavily shaped Vibrating Reach Around prostate stimulator stimulates the man's g-spot and at the same time tongues the base provides pleasure to the perineum.

The vibrator has one vibration intensity and is water resistant. Made of hygienic elite silicone that is flatten-free and hypoallergenic, so the vibrator can be used 100% body-friendly from day to day.

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O-Boy Prostate Stimulator
O-BOY Prostate Stimulator is suitable for both beginners and experienced prostate stimulators. The stimulator's design optimally stimulates the prostate and, thanks to the plucked sole, the perineum also receives an enjoyable vibration at the same time. The powerful bullet vibrator is detachable, so it can also be used to stimulate other parts of the body. Vibration is taken care of by the world's best-selling RO-80mm…
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Dynamic Duke - Prostate vibrator

Easytoys Dynamic Duke A prostate vibrator whose design stimulates the perineum in addition to the prostate. 

  • water resistant
  • The buds stimulate the perineum
  • 3 x LR44 coin cell batteries (included in the package)
  • 1 vibration intensity
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GVibe 3 Anatomical Massager
Gvibe3 is a new generation versatile toy that can be used by both women and men. The new and improved version includes 3 motors and thanks to its water resistance, the vibrator can also be used in the bath. Thanks to the flexible ends, the Gvibe3 offers an internal feeling of fullness without stretching the vaginal entrance. The flexible Gvibe3 adapts to body shapes according to each anatomy thanks to its innovative design.
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Anal sex and prostate stimulation are growing in popularity all the time, but prostate stimulation and anal receiving are still an area completely unknown to most men. If you are not familiar with prostate massage before, then you should definitely try it - alone or with a partner. Prostate massage offers arousing pleasure and several health benefits.

Prostate location and massage

The prostate is a plum-sized organ about 5 cm deep in a man's anus. The prostate can be felt in the anus on the abdominal side even with fingers. At the time of triggering, the sperm travel to the prostate and mix there with the semen produced by the prostate.

Nerves located on the surface of the prostate regulate a man’s erection. Prostate massage can cause great arousal and a more intense orgasm than normal. For this reason, the prostate is often referred to as a man’s g-spot, or p-point.

At its simplest, the prostate can be stimulated with the fingers. Stimulation is also successful with sex toys, such as curved anal dildos or anus pins designed for prostate stimulation. However, the most comfortable and enjoyable tool for stimulating the prostate is the vibrating prostate stimulator specially developed for prostate massage. The vibration of the prostate stimulator effectively massages the prostate and at the same time the vibration also relaxes the sphincter, making it easier to insert the toy than a non-vibrating toy.

Health effects of prostate massage

In addition to sexual pleasure, prostate massage also has health effects. With regular prostate massage, the prostate fluid stored in the prostate can be released and the prostate stays clean and well-being. Urinary problems and some genital pain conditions can be relieved by rubbing the prostate.

Prostate massage can also help with painful ejaculation. The massage relaxes clogged fallopian tubes, allowing fluid to move more easily and painful ejaculation can be relieved.

However, if you suffer from prostate problems, you should first ask your doctor if massaging is more beneficial or harmful in your situation.

Prostate stimulator

With the growing interest in prostate stimulation, various sex toys for anal sex have entered the market. Developed specifically for prostate stimulation, the prostate stimulator provides an effective and enjoyable massage for the prostate and often also for the perineum.

Prostate stimulators are also often referred to as a prostate vibrator or prostate massager. Prostate stimulators are usually vibrators with a curved arm, often with a spherical head or several spheres in the arm. Thanks to the curved arm, the vibration of the prostate stimulator is precisely applied to the prostate. The prostate stimulators also have a wide base so that the sex toy does not slip completely into the anal.

The advantage of a vibrating anal toy over non-vibrating is the stronger stimulation and the relaxing effect of the vibration. The vibration of the prostate stimulator relaxes the sphincter and thus makes it easier to insert the toy. It is advisable to rub the anal and perineal area externally with the stimulator before inserting the stimulator into the anal. Good warming with vibration relaxes the sphincter and massage becomes an enjoyable and smooth experience. In addition, the use of a lubricant is very important and the lubricant should be used extensively. The lubricant allows the toy to be inserted smoothly and comfortably. Anal anesthetics or lubricants may also be used.

Stimulation of the prostate is also possible by rubbing the area of ​​the perineum between the anus and the testicles from the outside, because by stimulating the perineum, there is also pressure on the prostate. However, external massage is not massage is not quite as effective as internal massage, but combining both is the end result usually the best and most enjoyable. Indeed, many men reach their prostatic orgasm and maximum peak only when the perineum is stimulated simultaneously with the internal massage. Fortunately, several prostate stimulants are designed to stimulate the perineum as well.

If you are trying prostate massage with sex toys for the first time, you should start the massage with lightly small toys. If your prostate vibrator has multiple vibrations, you may want to start with the lowest intensity. Later, as the experience accumulates and the anal gets used to the stimulation, you can move on to bigger toys and more intense vibrations.

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