Hold Me BedRoom Bed binding set

Frisky Hold Me BedRoom Bed binding set turn the bed into a playground or bondage stage from which not so much to set off. The nylon straps are first placed in an h-shape under the mattress and then the ends of the straps are turned over the mattress. The straps stay in place under the mattress, and no headboard, posts or legs are needed for attachment. The four straps starting from the adjustable center straps are up to about 120 cm long, so the bed set is also well suited for double beds. All straps are adjustable. The soft hand and wrist straps are equipped with a firm velcro velcro fastening and have a maximum circumference of 35 cm.

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Keep Still Bedding set
"I am naked and shackled, spread-eagled on a large four-poster bed" - Ana Steele. Dive into the book world of Fifty Shades of Gray with this set from the official Fifty Shades Of Gray product line. The binding set allows you to tie your ankles and wrists to the bed either vertically or horizontally - arms and hands spread out or together. The package also includes a satin eye mask and a door…
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You2Toys Bedspreads
You2Toys Bedspreads
The 3-piece bed tying set includes a 5 meter long belt and 2 chains. Padded and adjustable (velcro fastening) shackles can be attached to the belt's D-rings (6 pcs.) With clip locks. The length of the belt is adjustable.
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Hard Limits Bedding set

Fifty Shades of Gray Hard Limits Bedding set turn the bed into a bondage scene and you get to dive into a world full of submission and control in Fifty Shades. Wrist and ankle straps with velcro fastening are padded and feel luxurious against the skin, and they do not rub or leave marks. The long, adjustable strap between the metal O-rings is placed under the mattress, so using the set does not require a headboard or other attachment methods.

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Bed Bindings Bed Bindings

Fetish Fantasy Bed Bindings Bed binding set turn your bed in the blink of an eye into a bondage scene where you can realize your kinky control and subjugation of your fantasy. The straps stay in place under the mattress, so you don’t need a headboard or even legs to attach. The long strap is placed under the mattress and the shackles are tied to the wrists and ankles, after which the adjustable straps can be tightened to a suitable tightness. Velcro straps are padded so they don’t rub or scratch the skin even on the hardest going.

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